1. This page takes you to a short reading comprehension exercise, two short theory explanations and eight activities in form and contrast.
2. An exercise with the verb to be. And practice of the negative form.
3. An exercise with "have got". And the negative form.
A test with the many meanings of "have". Have a shower, have lunch, etc.

4. An activity with the Present Simple, affirmative, negative and interrogative.
5. An activity to practice short answers.
6. One more simple activity: transform into negative sentences.
7. An easy game to create sentences.
8. Practice the present simple with The Simpsons. The grammar is easy but the vocabulary is very varied.
9. A word order activity. All sentences are affirmative.
10. Another word order activity, this time with negative sentences.
11. A FITBA to talk about habits and routines.