1. 1. Fill in the past of irregular verbs here, here, here, and here. WARNING: this is only the past, no meanings and no participles.
  2. Multiple choice test with irregular verbs.
  3. Multiple choice test with everyday vocabulary.
  4. A FITB about Shakira.
  5. A FITB about Fernando Alonso.
  6. A FITB about Thanksgiving Day.
  7. 5. This page takes you to a short reading comprehension exercise, 2 theory charts and seven exercises.
  8. This is a game with 3 levels of difficulty.
  9. Put sentences in order.
  10. A FITB about a scorpion.
  11. A FITB about New Year's Eve. The vocabulary is colloquial and not very easy.
  12. Very easy: was, or were.