Webcomics are a fun and easy way to practice a foreign language because the texts are very short. If you don't understand a joke, it's OK. You can read another one.
These webcomics are in a format similar to blogs: when you click on these links, you can see the most recent entry. You can click "previous" or "archive" to read older ones.

Count your sheep has stories with a mother, a girl and their imaginary friend, a sheep called simply Sheep. Sometimes, their stories are ongoing (they take more than one day) and sometimes they are very sad, or they want to make you think. It's more "cute" than "funny".

XKCD is not accessible from the school computers, but it is a safe site. The topics are often love, maths, and physics. The sense of humour is very strange and unusual.

Indexed makes interesting reflections about everyday life using charts and other maths expressions. I prefer the older cartoons.

Gapingvoid is a marketing website with cartoons. The language is difficult for students, but the archive has some brilliant cartoons.